Pelvic Floor Problems

23 Mar Pelvic Floor Problems

💜 Pelvic Floor Problems 💜
Such a common problem for mummies post pregnancy, but often not taken seriously enough!
This is an almost daily conversation I have with our mummies while setting them up with a suitable workout routine:
😀 Hi! You say you would love to run again but you also state having pelvic floor problems, could you please give me more info?
🚺 Hi Simone! Oh it’s nothing serious… just very weak especially when I sneeze or cough!
😬 Ok! Great… well that’s serious 😉
Here are some key things to remember:
✖️Don’t run (or jump for that matter) when you know your pelvic floor is weak already! You won’t be making it better and our pelvic floor gets worse as we get older anyway! You really don’t want to be speeding that process up 😉
✅ There is a LOT you can do to achieve amazing results without damaging or putting further stress onto your pelvic floor! Walking, biking, swimming for example! You can even do strength workouts, as long as you are well aware of which exercises you can and can’t do! Always be safe!!!
✖️ Once you’ve had reconstructive surgery you need to be even more careful to make sure it’s not undone! The stitching is very delicate and any exercise must be done with proper care and knowledge!
🚺 Do you know that there are incredible Women’ s physios out there who specialise in pelvic floor/ab separation etc? They can do all the tests to find out if and what is wrong & help you fix it!
😀 Don’t worry! More than 1 in 3 mummies suffer from this, it is extremely common and you are not alone!!!!
Here are a few exercises you SHOULD NOT be doing if you know your pelvic floor is weak:
– Full Plank
– Sit ups and Crunches
– All Jumping exercises
– All standing exercises where your legs are further than hip width apart
– Running
– All exercises putting pressure or strain onto your lower abdomen and pelvic floor (this includes lifting heavy weights)
Safe training ladies 😘
Simone xxx
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