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Completed and loved by thousands of mums – our Detox has turned into our BestSeller within days of it’s launch!

This 1 week meal plan is the detox you will fall in love with and repeat over and over when you feel the need to do so!

You will receive a 7 day meal plan packed with delicious meals – eat yummy food and get all the results you expect to get from a detox along the way!

This plan is made up of 3 main meals plus 2 snacks each day! It is not a Juice or Smoothie detox! You will be eating proper food that you can buy at any supermarket!

Once purchased you will receive our detox along with instructions and explanations on why we have split our detox into 3 stages – you can also join our private YummyMummy Detox Facebook group where you can interact with other mummies who are starting it along side you, ask questions and share your 7 day journey to feeling awesome!

The detox is 100% dairy and meat free!

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Spring Detox, Summer Detox, Autumn Detox, Winter Detox, Detox DoublePack

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15 reviews for Detox

  1. Kate Duncan

    I have done both the healing & winter detoxes & both were fab. I lost between 2-3kg each time & the meals were really good, easy to make & even hubby liked them! It totally changed my outlook on eating (& I thought I was quite aware beforehand!) & made it to easy to add so much more fruit & veg to my diet. I have pre-ordered the autumn one & plan to do a detox week once a month. 😊

  2. Jess Smith

    I was really worried about going without meat for a week, but the meals were so easy and yummy I soon forgot about it! I felt so good for doing it and my body thanked me too. It made you appreciate the simple things we eat and what your body can handle! You wont be sorry you gave it a shot 🙂

  3. Sophie

    I have done two detox programmes with Yummy Mummy Fitness so far: Spring and Summer. The recipes were delicious and very easy to follow and the whole family enjoyed them, sometimes with the addition of some meat or fish for my husband and children. I always feel so much better after detoxing: I have a lot more energy and sleep much better at night. The weight loss is also of course a very nice bonus! I will definitely be signing up for more in the future!

  4. Catherine Sutton

    I completed the spring detox and lost a little over 2kg. I found the recipes easy to follow and the majority were really filling and tasty. And it worked well to cook the same for hubby and just add in meat for him. I like how the recipes make use of in season veges. I have some new favourite recipes we now regularly use at home and have adapted for miss 4 and Mr 2 to enjoy too. I am planning on completing another detox soon.

  5. Shontelle Thomson

    Love the Yummy Mummy detoxes . I have done the healing, spring, winter and summer ones. I am looking forward to the autum detox release. The food is delicious and simple to prepare. I felt great afterwards and lost between 3-4 kgs for each detox. I have continued making the meals even while not on the detox. Thanks Yummy Mummy!!!!

  6. Leah

    I have done all 3 detoxes and so far the Summer is my favourite. The meals are easy to make and yum to eat. I lost 2-3kg with each one and I added a few of the meals to my weekly staples, my 3yo daughter liked the wrap so much she now has it as a lunch box regular.

  7. Noreen

    I did summer and spring detox. It was awesome. I felt great afterwards and lost 2 kgs. Thanks to Simone

  8. Tarn-lee Carly

    I have done the healing, food hangover and winter detoxes. These meal plans are brilliant which is why I keep coming back for more! The meals are fast, easy, well-planned and ‘real’, My hubby even loves a lot of the recipes, and a lot of them are now regular meals for us. I lost 3-4kg, and kept it off. This doesn’t feel like a one-week one-hit wonder. These are great for re-setting yourself, giving yourself a kick-start and for easy learning about fresh, quality food and portion sizes. Highly recommend!

  9. Tanya Coogan

    Love love love the detoxing with Yummy Mummy. I am a busy working mum, but these meals are filling, delicious and super easy to prepare. Some of the meals have become firm favourites in my meal plans. The 1st and 2nd day are a little challenging, but by day 3…I am full of energy and seeing the world with a clarity that I have not experienced any other way. This feels so good for my body. It is a fantastic way to reset……….oh I always loose at least 3kg <3

  10. Linda

    I am on my second detox. The food is super easy to prepare and I am no cook so that means a lot. And more important they are really yummy. Whilst I havent notice any large weight loss yet I do notice that I feel better and healthier and my skin feels much better and looks clearer.

  11. Bindiya

    What a great Detox. Easy to follow and once you pass Day 3 it gets so much easier. Feeling great and lost weight. Thanks Simone.

  12. Kelly

    I have done 2 detoxes, the spring and summer ones. I was worried that I would spend the week starving and that the recipes would require hard to source ingredients. However I couldnt have been more wrong- all of the recipes were really yummy and flavourful, they didn’t take long to make, the ingredients were easy to find, and the portions were great. My husband really liked them too. At the end of the week I felt great and lost nearly 3kg. Thanks yummy mummy!

  13. Wendy Willsher

    I’ve done 2 of the Yummy Mummy detox plans and found them great to either kick start a shape up programme or just to ‘re-set’ my eating habits when I’ve gone slightly astray! The meal plans are great – love not having to think about what to make for dinner and lots of the recipes have now become part of my regular repertoire of meals! Would highly recommend!

  14. Sarah Turnham

    I love the Yummy Mummy detoxes and have done the summer one and the winter one. The leave me feeling lighter, healthier and happier! My husband also joins in which is great. I feel that the detoxes are just what I need to re-set my brain into wanting to eat healthier, particularly if I have over-indulged. The recipes are varied and delicious. Highly recommend!

  15. Tanya

    I did the spring detox and lost 9lb! Super happy with the result, the food was surprisingly delicious and filling – who would have thought! So I brought the first detox – really easy to follow if you are concerned about having to cook a lot of different recipes! The online support was fantastic and also a great bunch of ladies that are also supportive.! Definitely recommend doing this you feel so so good afterwards!!

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